CT Coronary Angiograms

Recent technological advances have made non-invasive diagnostic imaging of the coronary arteries of the heart a reality. This means that pictures showing if anything is wrong with the coronary arteries can be taken from the outside of the body with a low risk of causing any harm to the body while taking the pictures. 

The coronary arteries are important because "heart attacks" (sometimes called "coronaries") are caused by blockage of the coronary arteries by plaque and blood clot. Other problems these blockages can cause are "angina" and "heart failure". Heart attacks and heart failure can be fatal.

Thoughtfully collecting and evaluating information about patients (such as that which can be obtained from a CT coronary angiogram) so as to carefully plan how a patient can be helped is a large part of what cardiologists such as myself do. This requires the specialised training that well-qualified cardiologists such as myself have undertaken.

I offer a bulk billed consultation for patients requesting a CT coronary angiogram. During the consultation I assess whether or not the CT coronary angiogram will be beneficial for that particular patient and whether the benefits outweigh the risks involved . 

For those patients for whom it is agreed a CT coronary angiogram should go ahead, we perform this utilising facilities at PRP Diagnostic Imaging Hornsby, Eastwood, Frenchs Forest, Norwest, Paddington,  Gosford, Tuggerah or Wollongong. I work with a team of excellent Radiologists and Nuclear Medicine Physicians and together we report the study. We are assisted by excellent radiographers and support staff.  Our CT scanners are the state of the art Toshiba Aquilion One. (https://medical.toshiba.com/products/computed-tomography/aquilion-one-genesis/). I offer a bulk billed clinical consultation service for any cardiovascular issues identified on the CT coronary angiogram. 

CT coronary angiogram is bulk billed provided the indication for the test fulfills Medicare rebate criteria.