Heartmed Fees

Our medical practice is a private (non-government) practice. We provide private specialist cardiology services to private patients for which private fees are charged directly to our patients. A current schedule of fees is displayed at our reception desk, a copy is available on request. We have no direct relationship with government or with Medicare. Our fee structure, however, is necessarily influenced by Medicare.

How to keep your fees to a minimum:

Come to your consultation(s) well prepared.

Prior to arriving to your appointment: 

  • Have an accurate and detailed list of all the medication you are currently taking

  • If you have had any tests done since your last appointment with Dr Nelson, ensure that our office has received a copy of the reports

  • If you have been to an emergency department ensure that our office has received a copy of the letters and/or discharge summary

Maximise your Medicare rebates. 

  • If you have seen DrNelson before and you wish to see him again with a new problem, then it is advisable to bring a new referral as this will entitle you to a greater Medicare rebate

  • We are happy for you to request your echocardiogram to be done on a different day as your consultation. This will entitle you to a greater Medicare rebate. In the absence of your request, the default arrangement is to do the echocardiogram on the same day as the consultation consecutively as most patients wish this convenience

Be aware that subsequent consultations of greater than 20 minutes face-to-face time may incur an additional fee for which there would be no increased Medicare rebate.