About Echocardiography 


Echocardiography uses ultrasound to assess the structure and function of the heart. It has the particular advantage of not using radiation, so unlike other modalities of cardiac imaging it does not increase the risk of cancer. It also can be used on the body externally and when doing so, unlike other "invasive" modalities, it does not carry the risk of damaging the body internally. In cardiology this aspect of technology is referred to as being "non-invasive". 

Echocardiography can be performed at rest and also immediately after exercise (stress echocardiography)-see below. 

I provide both resting and stress echocardiography services through my practice. 

On occasion high resolution echocardiographic assessment of the base of the heart is needed and this can be achieved with imaging the heart with a specially designed echocardiography camera on the end of a flexible probe placed inside a person's oesophagus (the tube connecting to mouth to the stomach). This is done with local anaesthetic and with the patient placed under sedation. I provide this service utilising facilities at SydneyAdventistHospital.