Clinical Consultations

Initial Consultations

For initial consultations, you will be asked to complete  a questionnaire which will be sent to you ahead of time. Please complete this carefully and return preferably prior to your appointment. This will greatly assist in providing you the best of medical care. 

For all consultations, please bring all current medications and a medication list. 

Subsequent Consultations

When you arrive for your subsequent consultation, if you have brought any new medical documents please hand these to reception staff straight away and they will take a copy and return the original(s) to you.  Examples of such documents: test results,  new referral(s), other letter(s) from your doctor(s) or hospital discharge summaries.  

Reception staff will also ask you to fill out another short questionnaire.  This is to update Dr Nelson on any developments since your last consultation which may be of importance in regard to your cardiovascular health.  Please complete and hand back to reception staff. 

In order for you to receive the best of medical care, it is essential that Dr Nelson (and your other doctors) be kept informed of all the details of your current medication(s).  Unfortunately, currently in Australia, a comprehensive system that provides your doctors with this information does not yet exist.